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A Complete Quality Solution for The Heating / Hotel / Hospitality Industry

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Welcome To Comet Kitchen Company

MUGATLAL & BROS was established in 1942, the company soon became Pioneers in the industry with its brand "COMET", started manufacturing, Trading and Importing KEROSENE PRODUCTS like Stoves, Blowlamps, Petromex, Burners, Gas Mantles and Spares. Since 1980's the company has been expanding in LPGAS Equipments and Installations. We have continuously tried to enhance the variety and quality of our products resulting in an exclusive range of fuel-efficient products and services we offer today in Local and International Markets.

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Featured Products

Kitchen Equipments
New Product Induction
Bar Be Que & Tandoors
Fast Food Equipments
Chaffing Dishes & Dispenser
Pots & Pans
Kitchen Ware
Catering Equipments
Bar Ware
Bake Ware
Table Ware